Nethergill Fodder

 A Shorthorn cow licking her new born calf

Why the meat at Nethergill is good for you

Our aim at Nethergill is sustainability, balancing the needs of food, farming and nature; letting nature take the lead.

All our beef is sourced from our own grassfed rare breed White Shorthorns and mutton from our own grassfed Dalesbred and rarebreed woodlander lambs. All meat is hung for a minimum of 21 days and is slow cooked, making all the meat very tender, soft and delicious.
Research has shown that animals reared on grass or conserved grass alone are rich in Omega 3, which is essential for normal growth and plays an important role in the prevention and treatment of coronary artery disease, hypertension and cancer. Cattle and lambs reared on a cereal based diet produce meat high in Omega 6. If the ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 exceeds 4:1 it can lead to more health problems. Grain fed beef and lambs can have ratios that exceed 20:1 whereby grass-fed have ratios down around 3:1.
Grass-fed products are also rich in all the fats now proven to be health enhancing, but low in fats that have been linked to disease.

Nethergill Whitebred Shorthorn cows

 Three Shorthorn cows

The Whitebred Shorthorn is a critically endangered native breed with only approximately 260 breeding females left worldwide. Native to the North of Britain they thrive on the poor vegetation found on this hill farm and require no concentrate feed (cereal feed) during the winter months, instead they are grass-fed or fed on preserved grass from the ancient hay meadows all year round.

Nethergill Sheep

We previously ran a flock of Dalesbred ewes but in 2018 as part of a more rewinding approach top Nethergill land we sold our ewes and now run a few native ewes belonging to our neighbour across the land as and when we need them to just lightly graze and enhance the biodiversity.  The stock on the farm are operated on an open gate policy where possible, so the stock choose where they graze.  This leads to further enhance the biodiversity as it creates a mosaic effect of different habitats.  

Nethergill Farm is licensed to sell alcohol.
Wines, local beer and soft drinks are all available to purchase.

Nethergill Ready Meals

A pot of stew with fresh vegetables

As part of our green philosophy we have developed ready meals from our own rare breed meats. The cattle and sheep are pasture fed; predominantly supplied by our ancient hay meadow. The cattle are naturally weaned and grown for 2 or more years and the lambs are grown into mutton. 

We have produced a selection of delicious, pure and wholesome meals, with no artificial ingredients or additives. Individual portions come in returnable ceramic dishes. All meals are £6.00 per portion.  

Mutton Navarin with fresh herb dumplings 

Slow cooked, melt in the mouth, flavoursome mutton. Local vegetables and pure wholesome stock made the good old fashioned way using mutton bones and vegetables.

Beef in Ale pie with shortcrust pastry topping

Slow cooked, melt in the mouth, flavoursome beef. Chunks of beef mixed with rich dark gravy using Black Sheep ale and stock, covered with shortcrust pastry made with butter.

Shepherd’s pie

Slow cooked, the leanest of mutton mince mixed with vegetables and stock, covered with buttery mashed potato.

Cottage pie

Slow cooked, the leanest of beef mince mixed with vegetables and stock, covered with buttery mashed potato.

All meals are available to purchase for our self-catering guests during your stay as well as available to eat with prior notice on the day of your arrival. Meals can also be purchased to take away after your holiday.

Vegetarian Meals

It is becoming increasing evident that the only way forward is to 'eat meat as a treat' and purchase free range or extensively produced meat to be eaten no more than once or twice weekly.  The environmental impact of factory farmed meat is completely unsustainable globally and eating habits will fundamentally be forced to change over the next decade.

Nethergill can now offer a tasty vegetarian meal  - Cheese and Spinach souffle for guests and visitors to Nethergill.