Creative Activities

Painting of a rabbit

Sketching and painting

Inspiration is all around at Nethergill, more than enough for any painter!

With notice, tuition is available from a local professional artist who will help bring alive your creative talent. With vast open skyscapes and wonderful views there is no shortage of subject matter.

Tuition is suitable for all levels of experience, art groups very welcome (maximum of six people per group).

Guests are welcome to use the Nethergill studio to sit and paint or draw the stunning landscapes through the floor to ceiling window.

Visit Nethergill Nature Barn on Saturday 7 July for Celebration of National Hay Meadows Day  - details.  Also see artwork on display 


Nethergill Farm provides some wonderful photographic material for both the amateur and professional alike. 

Wide open skyscapes, dramatic cloud patterns and stunning light across the dales, together with all the flora and fauna make for a huge variety of compositions. 

Tuition is available with notice.

River and Fell Hides

Shelter from the elements and take advantage of photo opportunities from one of the hides.  The bird feeding station in front of the River Hide attracts Goldfinches, Red Poll, Redstart, Siskin and Great Spotted Woodpecker.  From the hide you may also see Heron, Sandpipers, Dippers, Curlew and as from June 2016 Red Squirrel - latest footage -

Hides can be used exclusively at a cost of £50 per day, please ring or email for more details -

Photo of a Redstart by Simon Phillpotts

A photo of a Redstart by Simon Phillpotts

Painting of a running dog

Inside the river hide