Farm Access Statement

We welcome everyone to Nethergill Farm. However we would like to point out some of the restrictions that guests with additional needs may need to consider.

Nethergill Farm is in quite a remote location (1.5 hours from Airedale Hospital, the nearest major hospital and casualty department, 6 miles from Hawes market town (not always easy to access in winter) and 25 miles from Skipton.
In case of emergency we have a possible landing field site for air ambulance outside the kitchen window next to the house or on the mound in front of the farmhouse.
There is no public transport to the property, the nearest bus stop is in Buckden (6 miles away).
The bedrooms in the farmhouse are located on the first floor and there are no lifts.

A view looking down across the farm

Approach to Nethergill Farm

Clearly marked with a carved stone sign set into stone wall at the entrance to the farm track.
Situated up a long, single track farm drive with 3 cattle grids (0.75miles) on a slight incline as you approach the farmhouse. A few passing places are in situ.

Visitor Parking

There is parking for 3 cars directly outside the front gate and more parking around the rear of the property. There is ample room for getting in and out of the car from the visitor parking area, which is clearly signposted.

Parking area and entrance is well lit after dark.

Access to the Farmhouse

There are steps from where the car is parked to the front door.
One small step onto a small paved area from the gravel drive.
One higher step (10 cm) through the front gate and onto another paved area.
One higher step (13 cm) and one lower step (8 cm) through the front door.
The width of the front door is 100 cm and leads on to a Yorkstone floor area.


Reception area with small hand bell for emergency use

Access to the Sitting Room from the hallway

Small step into sitting room from the Yorkstone flagged hallway (approx. 3 cm in height)

Sitting Room

Large spacious area which leads into the Dining area, all on the same level.


Wide open original Victorian staircase with firm handrail on the right hand side and wall on the left.
13 carpeted stairs up to a small landing area.
Stairs width: 80 cm

Twin Room 1

A view looking down across the farm

Spacious room accessed by 5 angled carpeted stairs off the landing area.

Very small riser into the en suite bathroom.
Small bathroom with hand rail on the side of the bath.
Overhead shower.
Uneven base to the bath to prevent slipping in the shower (rubber bath mat available on request if required).
Thermostatically controlled radiator in bedroom and bathroom.
Electric towel rail.
2 bedside lights with switches located on a flex off the base.
Light for bathroom operated by long hand cord.

Double Room

Accessed by same 5 carpeted stairs off the landing area.
Fairly spacious room.
Thermostatically controlled radiator in bedroom and electric towel rail in bathroom.
2 bedside lights with switches located on the upper part of the stem.
Small en suite bathroom with bath and toilet. Hand held shower attached to taps only.

Dining Room

Located on the ground floor.
Small socket light remains on overnight for the convenience of our guests.
Emergency lighting downstairs in hallway and sitting room in case of power failure.

In case of emergency

Emergency notices displayed in each bedroom.
Emergency alerted by hand bell in reception area.


Paved patio area leading up to front door with bench and 2 wrought iron chairs with table.


No downstairs toilet facilities.
Fitted short pile carpets in all rooms.
All doors have locking options.
Rubber bathmat can be supplied.

Self-catering and field centre access statements

Nethergill Haylofts

To take advantage of the big sky views, please note both self-catering haylofts have the living areas on the first floor and are accessed by stone steps.

Approach to Nethergill Farm Haylofts

A view looking down across the farm

Clearly marked with a carved stone sign set into stone wall at the entrance to the farm track.
Situated up a long, single track farm drive with 3 cattle grids (0.75miles) on a slight incline as you approach the farmhouse. A few passing places are in situ.

All guests coming to stay in the self-catering are emailed with directions prior to their stay. We ask them to give an approximate time of arrival and then we can meet them in the Visitor Car Park area as above.

In the event of a late arrival guests can make their way to the Haylofts by driving past the farmhouse drive and taking the next right through a large metal gate. Hay Mew is the first door on the right just inside the driveway and Byre the second door. Both Haylofts have stone name plaques to the right of the doors. Parking for both Haylofts is very close proximity in the enclosed’yard’ outside the two front doors.

Hay Mew

Small entrance lobby for coats, boots etc. Hand washing facilities.

Up Yorkshire stone steps to large open plan sitting room area

Twin room situated on the same level off the Sitting Room area, also en suite bathroom

Up 4 wooden steps to kitchen dining area. Kitchen and dining room area all on same level.

Up 10 steps into large double bedroom with en suite bathroom off, on same level.

Please note a balcony forms part of the main bedroom and a pull cord curtain is available to ensure privacy. Please note to the right of this curtained balcony there is a low girder.


Large entrance lobby with downstairs toilet. 14 stone steps set on a curve up into small landing area. Off landing area up 13 carpeted steps to Upper double bedroom. En suite bathroom on same level as Upper bedroom. Care to be taken at entrance to the bedroom due to large original low beam. Protection provided to beam leading off to the right hand side of the bedroom.

Through fully glazed door to living and dining areas. Kitchen access on same level as Sitting and Dining Room and situated off the dining area.

Off Living area through door to small landing area and en suite bathroom for the twin room. 5 steps up from small landing area into the twin room.

Field Centre

A view looking down across the farm

Parking either in Visitor parking area opposite front door or on the right beyond self-catering before the black wooden gate.

Walk back down the track towards the Field Centre, situated underneath Nethergill Hay Mew. Wheelchair access cobbled track leads up to Field Centre entrance and widened door for access.

Field Centre on 2 levels, main area all on one level, kitchen facilities, and toilet facilities (disabled toilet).

Up 6 stone steps to Gallery area with large coaching arch picture window.


Nethergill Farm – Oughtershaw – Buckden – Skipton – BD23 5JS – North Yorkshire

Any comments or feedback please email:

Phone: 01756 761126